Construction Services:

Roads, Driveways, & Bridges

Construction Services in Roads, Driveways, & Bridges

Roads and Driveways
  • We can design your road and apply for the required permits.
  • Services include tree removal, road building, ditching, culverts, grading, and snow removal.
  • Toppings include crushed gravel or limestone, cold mix, asphalt, and interlocking paving stones.
Privacy Gates
  • We can install two posts and put a chain across the driveway or a install a farm gate.
  • We can also design and build a custom gate from logs, timbers, and steel.
Bridges and Culverts
  • We will arrange for permits, engineering and construction of bridges and culverts
  • We have experience constructing variety of bridges for creek crossings including pre-engineered, custom built timber, and steel
  • Custom railings include log, timber and welded steel

Roads & Site Work

Roads Our associated company Temagami Trucking has been a leader in road building in the Temagami area for over 50 years. We will build a new road or repair your existing road by brushing, ditching, grading, and gravelling. We also specialize in installing culverts, building bridges and gates.

Septic Systems If you would like some trees cut on your property, we can take care of them for you. We can safely remove trees that are threatening to fall on your buildings. We will cut the trees into firewood for you to use, or we can remove the trees and branches from your property. We can also arrange for the trees to be rough sawed into timbers or siding for you to use for future building projects.

Lot Grading & Landscaping We can help you beautify your property and control storm water by grading and landscaping. We have the equipment and material needed to grade your property, construct rock or timber retaining walls, stairs, decks and patios, make gardens, and plant trees and shrubs. We have access to a wide variety of landscaping materials such as gravel, natural stone, interlock pavers, timbers, topsoil and mulch.

Trucking & Equipment Temagami Trucking has operated in the Temagami area for over 50 years and has employed 3 generations of St. Jean – Beauchamp family members. Temagami Trucking provides trucks, equipment and labour to build roads and bridges, excavate and backfill foundations, install septic systems, and grade and landscape property. We also provide tree cutting services, building demolition, and barging.